Your Style...Your Choice....You provide the hair,

WE make the Wig!

Thank you so much for considering Glamo Lush as your custom wig maker. There are 3 different types of wigs that I can create. Below is a list of helpful information that will help you decide which type of wig fits your lifestyle. The pricing stated by each listed is the cost to make the wigs only.  NO HAIR Included in the pricing. Please read thoroughly!


U Part Wig Information $250

A u-part wig is similar to a half wig that is created with weft hair extensions where hair is sewn to a cap in the same fashion of a traditional sew in install. The unit has a natural shape "u" shaped cut out at the top and exists so small amounts of the wig wearer's natural hair can be combed over to cover the wefts. U part wigs can typically be installed and sew in on the the head or clipped on if you desire to have clips sewn in the inside of the wig unit. U part wigs are all constructed the same way. You can shift your unit to the side if you would like a side part. If you prefer your u shape to be smaller for very minimal leave out or larger please include the measurements in the option box.

Full Wigs with Lace Closures $300

A full wig is made with weft hair extensions sewn to a cap in the same fashion of a traditional sew in install WITHOUT an opening at the top. Full wigs are closed and covered at the top with the use of a closure unit. A lace closure is a durable transparent flesh tinted lace base with hair attached intended for use when closing any full weave or closing a wig unit. Closures are typically placed directly on top or on the side depending on your parting preference. Full wigs with closures allow easy installs and can be easily removed and reinstalled daily without sewing the unit down. We strongly recommend getting the same exact texture and curl pattern of the closure that matches the same weft extensions you decide to purchase.

Lace Frontal Wig Information $350

A frontal lace wig will act as your leave out and allow for seamless and effortless blending. The frontal is sewn down firstly and is measured from ear to ear to make sure the hairline is similar to a natural hair line. We customize the hairline by bleaching the knots, plucking/ tweezing the hairline to make baby hairs. You are able to part the frontal from temple to temple. We recommend providing a frontal and 3 bundles to achieve a more realistic look. Please measure your head from behind the nape of your ear to the other side of the ear so that we can make sure it fits snugly to your head, even if you wish to wear it without it being sewn down. You can easily wear it and take it on and off as often as you wish.

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